Selected Articles

Looking for trouble
Inside Story • Friday 18 May 2018

When the politics got personal
The Monthly • December 2017

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Meanjin Quarterly  •  Winter 2017

Fallen Angels
ABC Radio Earshot  •  Tuesday 13 December 2016

Duterte’s dirty war: A trip to the Philippines reveals the human cost of the war on drugs
The Monthly  •  December 2016

  • Won the 2016 Quill Award for Best Feature.


Is Michelle Guthrie tuned in to the ABC? The new managing director’s vision isn’t clear
The Monthly  •  September 2016

Lost Boy Found
SBS  •  26 June 2016

  • The story of Kot Monoah, whose long journey to Melbourne’s western suburbs began when his family fled the second Sudanese Civil War.


After the story: What did an award-winning story on the children of Australian sex tourists achieve?
The Monthly  •  24 Mar 2016


Right-wing refugee: the rise of Rita Panahi
SBS  •  8 Feb 2016

‘The Long Letter to a Short Love, or …’
Meanjin Quarterly  •  Summer 2015

  • Germaine Greer’s 30,000-word unsent love letter to Martin Amis.


‘Fallen Angels: The children left behind by Australian sex tourists in the Philippines’
The Monthly  •  July 2015

  • Won the 2015 Walkley Award for Excellence in Journalism in the category of social equity journalism, presented at the 60th Walkley Awards.
  • Won the 2015 Quill Award for Best Feature.
  • Was also a finalist in the 2015 Walkley Awards in the category of feature writing (over 4000 words).


‘Chasing the Truth’
The Sunday Age  •  13 Nov 2011

  • Commentary on the federal government media inquiry.


Second Life: Mark Scott Embarks on Another Five-Year Term
The Monthly  •  July 2011

  • An assessment of the ABC Managing Director’s record, and his likely future.


Who Should Look After the Cities?
Inside Story  •  June 2011

  • The Federal Government plans to get back into the urban planning business.


‘Sex Before Soccer: SBS’
The Monthly  •  June 2011

  • An assessment of the present and future of Australia’s second public broadcaster.


‘Crises of Faith: The Future of Fairfax’
The Monthly  •  Feb 2011

‘Exodus: The International Student Sector’
The Monthly  •  Nov 2010

‘Duty of Care’
The Monthly  •  Aug 2010

  • An investigation into the impact of the Hepatitis C cluster at a Melbourne abortion clinic.


‘Dangerous Precedent: The Melbourne model’
The Monthly  •  Mar 2010

  • An investigation into the impact of the University of Melbourne’s reforms.


‘Sustaining a Nation’
Griffith Review  •  Edition 27

  • A journey through the Murray-Darling basin and reflections on food security.


‘Public Broadcasting Looks for a Future’
Inside Story  •  Jan 2009

  • The Pay TV Industry has opened a new front in its battle with free to air.


‘Chill Winds’
Inside Story  •  Dec 2008

  • Amid the backslapping, this year’s Walkley Awards dinner highlighted the threat to quality journalism.


‘A Cry in the Night’
Griffith Review  •  May 2008

  • Conflict between Africans and police on the public housing estate in Flemington.


‘Buried in the Labyrinth’
Griffith Review  •  Winter 2007

  • A story of danger and frustration at the hands of bureacracy.
  • Extract published in The Age on 19 May 2007.
  • Finalist in the 2007 Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism in the category of magazine feature writing.


‘The War on Democracy – Conservative Opinion in the Australian Press’
Sydney Morning Herald  •  8 Dec 2006

  • Review of book by Niall Lucy and Steve Mickler.


‘Beyond the Comfort Zone’
Griffith Review  •  Autumn 2006

  • An exploration of the public-private schooling debate.
  • Extract published in The Age on 4 Feb 2006.


‘Fitting the Bill’
The Age  •  12 Nov 2005

  • A profile of Australian Workers Union National Secretary Bill Shorten.
  • Available through The Age archive


‘Media column’
The Age  •  Mar – Dec 2005

  • Published monthly in The Age‘s Media and Creative section on Mondays.
  • Available through The Age archive.


‘The Nation Reviewed’
The Monthly  •  Issue 8  •  Dec 2005 – Jan 2006


‘Fear and Loathing at the ABC’
The Monthly  •  Issue 1  •  May 2005


‘Ties that bind’
Griffith Review 8  •  Winter 2005

  • Reviewed in artlook #11, May 2005 by Glenda Guest.
  • Anthologised in Best Australian Essays 2005 (Black Inc., 2005), edited by Robert Dessaix.


‘Crikey Sells Out’
The Age  •  5 Feb 2005

‘Life without Reputation’
Griffith Review 5  •  Spring 2004

‘Habits of Disdain: Myth, Evidence and Culture Warrior’ (The Overland Lecture)
Overland 172  •  Spring 2003

‘In the Name of the Father’
The Age  •  22 Nov 2003

  • A profile of Philip Ruddock.


Review of Speaking for Myself Again, Four Years with Labor and Beyond by Cheryl Kernot
Sydney Morning Herald  •  3 Aug 2002

Anthologies & Periodicals

‘Beyond the Comfort Zone’


‘Ties that Bind’


‘Inside the ABC’


‘Helen Garner: The woman with the Hammer in the kitchen drawer’


‘The night of the fruit pickers’

  • Published in Out West (Harper Collins, 1996), edited by John Dale.
  • Republished in Australian Summer Stories 2 (Penguin, 2000).


‘The Press Gang’

  • Published in The Best Australian Essays (Bookman Press, 1998), edited by Peter Craven.


‘Why Clare is not a yahoo’

  • Published in Mother Love 2 (Random House, 1997), edited by Debra Adelaide.


Book chapters

‘Using public records in Journalism’

  • Published in Investigation and Research (Pearson Education, 2002), edited by Stephen Tanner.