Selected Articles

Politics and water do mix
Inside Story • Tuesday 25 June

The end of the university boom
Saturday Paper • Saturday 23 May 2020

Patients frantic over mysterious global shortage of HRT medications and contraceptive pills
The Guardian • Friday 22 May 2020

Adam Bandt, the personable hardliner
The Monthly • May 2020

Alan Jones: end for the shock-jock whose views on women, race and climate pandered to his tiny audience
The Guardian • Wednesday 13 May 2020

The real reason our shelves were empty
Saturday Paper • Saturday 2 May 2020

As Australia takes on Google and Facebook over news content, the world is watching
The Guardian • Tuesday 21 April 2020

Real long-term thinking on TV would mean Netflix and Stan are treated the same as free-to-air
The Guardian • Tuesday 16 April 2020

Andrew Bolt and the ABC: did the reporting on George Pell step over a line?
The Guardian • Tuesday 15 April 2020

Autumn in the garden
Saturday Paper • Saturday 28 March 2020

AAP is Australian democracy’s safety net – its closure will affect us all
The Guardian • Tuesday 3 March 2020

Summer Gardening
Saturday Paper • Saturday 7 December 2019

Questions raised over Scott Morrison’s declaration he is not a New Zealand citizen
The Guardian • Saturday 26 October 2019

Penny Wong: could Australia accept a gay asian woman as PM?
The Guardian • Sunday 29 September 2019

The Lambie interview: inside her power play
Saturday Paper • Saturday 21 September 2019

Spring Garden Tasks
Saturday Paper • Saturday 7 September 2019

What the ACCC thinks about journalism
Inside Story • Tuesday 30 July 2019

The Winter Garden
Saturday Paper • Saturday 29 June 2019

Duterte’s opposition in disarray following Philippines mid-terms
The Interpreter • Tuesday 21 May 2019

In Angeles City, all politics is local
Inside Story • Wednesday 15 May 2019

‘Rodrigo Duterte is my idol’: Inside the Philippines election from Manila’s slums
ABC • Sunday 12 May 2019

Journalist Maria Ressa and the Philippine election
Saturday Paper • Saturday 11 May 2019

‘Do you ever think about me?’: the children sex tourists leave behind
The Guardian (UK) • Saturday 2 March 2019

Suppression orders aren’t perfect but journalistic hubris won’t fix the problem
The Guardian (Aus) • Wednesday 27 February 2019

For sale: a local paper near you
Inside Story • Sunday 3 Feburary 2019

The revolution continues
Inside Story • Monday 31 December 2018

The ACCC’s plan to reshape the media landscape
Inside Story • Tuesday 11 December 2018

“There is this woman, Charmian Clift. And I have to dress up like her and go out and be her”
Inside Story • Friday 21 November 2018

How Nine and Fairfax sat the wrong test
Inside Story • Friday 9 November 2018

ABC board is weak and lacks legitimacy, but it should not be sacked
The Guardian (Aus) • Friday 28 September 2018

Guthrie and Milne: no friends of the ABC
Meanjin • Wednesday 26 September 2018

The end of Fairfax as we knew it
Inside Story • Thursday 26 July 2018

“Here we are, living it again, as though we didn’t learn our lesson”
Inside Story • Wednesday 4 July 2018
A profile of the Filipino senator Risa Hontiveros, who faces jail for protecting witnesses to a brutal state-sponsored killing.

The unassuming Australian nun taking on Rodrigo Duterte
The Guardian (Aus) • Saturday 16 June 2018

Looking for trouble
Inside Story • Friday 18 May 2018

When the politics got personal
The Monthly • December 2017

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Meanjin Quarterly  •  Winter 2017

Fallen angels
ABC Radio Earshot  •  Tuesday 13 December 2016

Duterte’s dirty war: A trip to the Philippines reveals the human cost of the war on drugs
The Monthly  •  December 2016
Winner  •  2016 Quill Award for Best Feature.

Is Michelle Guthrie tuned in to the ABC? The new managing director’s vision isn’t clear
The Monthly  •  September 2016

Lost Boy Found
SBS  •  26 June 2016
The story of Kot Monoah, whose long journey to Melbourne’s western suburbs began when his family fled the second Sudanese Civil War.

After the story: What did an award-winning story on the children of Australian sex tourists achieve?
The Monthly  •  24 Mar 2016
A follow-up to the award-winning feature ‘Fallen Angels’.

Right-wing refugee: the rise of Rita Panahi
SBS  •  8 Feb 2016

‘The Long Letter to a Short Love, or …’
Meanjin Quarterly  •  Summer 2015
Germaine Greer’s 30,000-word unsent love letter to Martin Amis.

‘Fallen Angels: The children left behind by Australian sex tourists in the Philippines’
The Monthly  •  July 2015
Winner  •  2015 Walkley Award for Social Equity Journalism)
Winner  •  2015 Quill Award for Best Feature.
Finalist  •  2015 Walkley Award for Feature Writing (over 4000 words).

‘Chasing the Truth’
The Sunday Age  •  13 Nov 2011
Commentary on the federal government media inquiry.

Second Life: Mark Scott Embarks on Another Five-Year Term
The Monthly  •  July 2011
An assessment of the ABC Managing Director’s record, and his likely future.

Who Should Look After the Cities?
Inside Story  •  June 2011
The Federal Government plans to get back into the urban planning business.

‘Sex Before Soccer: SBS’
The Monthly  •  June 2011
An assessment of the present and future of Australia’s second public broadcaster.

‘Crises of Faith: The Future of Fairfax’
The Monthly  •  Feb 2011

‘Exodus: The International Student Sector’
The Monthly  •  Nov 2010

‘Duty of Care’
The Monthly  •  Aug 2010
An investigation into the impact of the Hepatitis C cluster at a Melbourne abortion clinic.

‘Dangerous Precedent: The Melbourne model’
The Monthly  •  Mar 2010
An investigation into the impact of the University of Melbourne’s reforms.

‘Sustaining a Nation’
Griffith Review  •  Edition 27
A journey through the Murray-Darling basin and reflections on food security.

‘Public Broadcasting Looks for a Future’
Inside Story  •  Jan 2009
The Pay TV Industry has opened a new front in its battle with free to air.

‘Chill Winds’
Inside Story  •  Dec 2008
Amid the backslapping, this year’s Walkley Awards dinner highlighted the threat to quality journalism.

‘A Cry in the Night’
Griffith Review  •  May 2008
Conflict between Africans and police on the public housing estate in Flemington.

‘Buried in the Labyrinth’
Griffith Review  •  Winter 2007
A story of danger and frustration at the hands of bureacracy.
Finalist  •  2007 Walkley Awards for Magazine Feature Writing.

‘The War on Democracy – Conservative Opinion in the Australian Press’
Sydney Morning Herald  •  8 Dec 2006
Review of book by Niall Lucy and Steve Mickler.

‘Beyond the Comfort Zone’
Griffith Review  •  Autumn 2006
An exploration of the public-private schooling debate.

‘Fitting the Bill’
The Age  •  12 Nov 2005
A profile of Australian Workers Union National Secretary Bill Shorten.

‘Media column’
The Age  •  Mar – Dec 2005
Published monthly in The Age‘s Media and Creative section on Mondays.

‘The Nation Reviewed’
The Monthly  •  Issue 8  •  Dec 2005 – Jan 2006
Comments on the inaugural broadcast conference of The ACMA Broadcast Conference 2005

‘Fear and Loathing at the ABC’
The Monthly  •  Issue 1  •  May 2005

‘Ties that bind’
Griffith Review 8  •  Winter 2005

‘Crikey Sells Out’
The Age  •  5 Feb 2005

‘Life without Reputation’
Griffith Review 5  •  Spring 2004

‘Habits of Disdain: Myth, Evidence and Culture Warrior’ (The Overland Lecture)
Overland 172  •  Spring 2003

‘In the Name of the Father’
The Age  •  22 Nov 2003
A profile of Philip Ruddock.

Review of Speaking for Myself Again, Four Years with Labor and Beyond by Cheryl Kernot
Sydney Morning Herald  •  3 Aug 2002

Anthologies & Periodicals

‘Beyond the Comfort Zone’
Published in The Best Australian Essays 2006 (Black Inc., 2005), edited by Drusilla Modjeska.

‘Ties that Bind’
Published in The Best Australian Essays 2005 (Black Inc., 2005), edited by Robert Dessaix.

‘Inside the ABC’
Published in Do Not Disturb – Is the Media Failing Australia? (Black Inc., 2005), edited by Robert Manne.

‘Helen Garner: The woman with the Hammer in the kitchen drawer’
Published in The Best Australian Essays 2001 (Black Inc., 2001), edited by Peter Craven.

‘The night of the fruit pickers’
Published in Out West (Harper Collins, 1996), edited by John Dale.
Republished in Australian Summer Stories 2 (Penguin, 2000).

‘The Press Gang’
Published in The Best Australian Essays (Bookman Press, 1998), edited by Peter Craven.

‘Why Clare is not a yahoo’
Published in Mother Love 2 (Random House, 1997), edited by Debra Adelaide.

Book chapters

‘Using public records in Journalism’
Published in Investigation and Research (Pearson Education, 2002), edited by Stephen Tanner.